Almost blinis

Almost blinis

Now is the time to get out that jar of caviar! 

This started out as a way of using up pancake batter (it doesn’t keep because of the raw eggs).  But now I think I prefer the salty savoury taste of blini. Good for a weekend brunch or evening snack.

  • Ingredients:  3 parts fresh american pancake batter (see the recipe here), 1 part yoghurt, sliced smoked fish, lemon.
  • Alternative ingredients: sour cream, caviar/salmon eggs, pickle, horseradish

Add plain yoghurt to fresh american pancake batter (3 parts batter to one part yoghurt) and gently amalgamate.  Spoon into an oiled non-stick pan on a medium heat. Try to aim for a 4-5 cm disc. Cook for a couple of minutes on one side or until bubbles have formed.  Then carefully flip over onto the other side for about a minute until cooked.  Turn out onto a warm plate and make another one.  Keep going until you have finished the batter.  

  • Assembly:  top each blini with a dob of yoghurt or sour cream, a roll of smoked salmon or trout, black pepper and a slice of lemon (or any other garnish).  Maybe a glass of something fizzy?

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