The iconic omelette for my generation is the one in the Ipcress File. When Len Deighton wrote the omelette scene he managed to combine his understanding of food writing, spy stories and London. A life long fan of Deighton and Michael Caine all I can say of my omlettes is I use the same type of mixing bowl. The pan was bought by my father in Leon Jaeggi's, Tottenham Court road, over 40 years ago.


Sometimes it's good to have your favourite breakfast! For me this would always include bacon and potatoes and eggs. This recipe is a halfway house between patatas bravas and huevos rancheros. It can be made with or without any of its ingredients but I would miss the cilantro/coriander/धनिया

Spiced tarte tatin

After a lot of cooking and no shopping I had a few root vegetables and five apples left. Very little butter and no eggs. So, what to make? I am not an habitual fancy pastry chef and frankly just eat anything the oven produces but decided to have a go at tarte tatin. So I did a bit of browsing and remembered some past pitfalls, dug around in the emptying store cupboard and ended up with this: