Nigel Slater’s lemon and thyme cake, Melissa

I’m not a cake maker, and don’t possess a food-processor, but there was something about this recipe that appealed and when I saw the thyme flowering on my allotment last weekend it decided the matter. The amount of ground almond makes it really moist and the thyme is an unusual but delightful addition – it’s not just decoration! Even Mike, whose taste in cake is a bit conventional liked it! But we made it last nearly a week ! What a pity there was no one to share it with ?


(I don’t have a food processor either! Here is the recipe, Ed)

2 thoughts on “Nigel Slater’s lemon and thyme cake, Melissa

  1. Judith

    I made this cake today very successfully for two welcome guests. We loved it. Made it as a round cake rather than a loaf, and shared in the garden with Prosecco. Extraordinary to be laughing and with with lemon zinging on the tongue, thankyou


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