Blueberry and apple muffins

Muffins are so handy when you are cooking for one: they can be eaten for breakfast or as an anytime snack, and freeze well. Again I will be deferring to Cooking Texas Style as holding the definitive muffin recipe. Here I have not made very many alterations, save translating into English (measurements), changing the fruit from the original strawberries, adding half a lemon and leaving out the salt.

  • Ingredients: 140g blueberries, one apple, the rind and juice of half a lemon, 200g plain flour, 3/4 tsp baking soda, 25g muesli, 100g brown sugar, 60ml milk, 60 ml rape seed oil and 2 eggs.
  • Alternative ingredients: Butter, strawberries or any other soft fruit, cut into cubes. You can substitute oats, muesli or ground almonds for flour gramme for gramme.
  • Method: Carefully remove the yellow lemon peel and chop finely. Chop the apple into cubes. Squeeze over the lemon juice. Mix in the berries and the sugar. Sift the flour and baking soda into another larger bowl. Whip up the eggs a bit with the milk and the oil and pour this into the middle of the flour. Stir around for not very long. (You don’t want to let the baking soda release all its bubbles before it gets into the oven.) Then add in the fruit and sugar, stir around a bit more and spoon into greased muffin trays or cups. Cooking time 20-25 minutes at 180°C. Leave to cool in the tins if you can. Good with cheese.

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