Sometimes it’s good to have your favourite breakfast! For me this would always include bacon and potatoes and eggs. This recipe is a halfway house between patatas bravas and huevos rancheros. It can be made with or without any of its ingredients but I would miss the cilantro/coriander/धनिया

There are two versions shown here – one with blue corn tortillas and no tomato, the other with a homemade flour tortilla and tomatoes. Don’t eat meat? Try beetroot and potato, or tomato and squash.

Ingredients per person: 2-3 slices of bacon, one potato, one onion, one fresh red chilli ( I used a jalapeño but it is up to you), half a bell pepper (I have used a green pepper here) one egg, 2 corn tortillas, fresh coriander, oregano, black pepper, salt.

Alternative ingredients: Fresh cherry tomatoes, cut in halves. One courgette, a small squash, diced fresh beetroot, a shallot, parsley, a flour tortilla, 1 Tbsp olive oil

Method: Dice all the vegetables. Finely chop the fresh herbs, leaving a few leaves for decoration. Cut the bacon into strips and cook in a cast iron pan on moderate heat. If the bacon is very lean add some oil now too. When half cooked, add in the onion, potato and chopped coriander stalks. Continue cooking until the potato is virtually done. Then add the pepper, chilli and cherry tomatoes/courgettes if using. Stir around and leave to cook for a minute or two.

Meanwhile crack the egg into a bowl and add the finely chopped herbs. Pour the egg into the pan, stir around a little and put in a hot oven for a few minutes until the egg is cooked. Remove from the oven, sprinkle with any remaining herbs and eat with the toasted tortillas. Hot sauce is discretionary (recipe soon!)

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