The iconic omelette for my generation is the one in the Ipcress File. When Len Deighton wrote the omelette scene he managed to combine his understanding of food writing, spy stories and London. A life long fan of Deighton and Michael Caine all I can say of my omelettes is I use the same type of mixing bowl. The pan was bought by my father in Leon Jaeggi’s, Tottenham Court road, over 40 years ago.

The omelette in question seems to contain 4 eggs, ham, green pepper and onions. But as I am not cooking for two, mine is as follows:

  • Ingredients: 2 eggs, hopefully free range. 10g butter, black pepper, salt.
  • Extra ingredients: choose from finely chopped fresh parsley, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, cooked bacon, cooked potato, peppers, chillis, cheese.
  • Method: Crack two eggs into a bowl, add salt and pepper and whisk with a fork until you have achieved a(n) homogenous, frothy look. Melt the butter in a non stick or cast iron omelette pan on a medium heat and pour in the egg. Wait until the bottom has set and scatter the filling on top. Then put the pan under a hot grill until the filling has cooked/melted and the egg has puffed up. Remove from the grill and fold in half. Eat with toast or a warm tortilla.

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