No meat paella

Put the oil in a pan on a medium heat with the chopped marjoram, sliced fennel, garlic, chilli, salt, pepper and the halloumi cut into 1cm cubes. Stir this around for a few minutes, then empty out on a plate, leaving most of the oil in the pan. Now add the sliced onion and when it has gone translucent, the rice. You can put in a few strands of saffron now too.

“Gone Fishin'”

These days I buy the fish I eat. But I was very fortunate indeed to be given a fabulous trout by a dedicated fisherman, Mike. After washing and gutting and washing again I stuffed it with fresh herbs, rubbed it with salt, pepper and a tiny bit of olive oil, wrapped it in baking paper and tinfoil and baked it in the oven until cooked. Then unwrapped and ate it with salad and potatoes. Thank you Mike.

Cowboy beans, Will

A brief background. My dear friend J, most adventurous of souls, dedicated guardian of the food preservation and enhancement customs of at least three countries, polyglot and all-round good egg, messaged asking after the recipe for a dish I had mentioned in passing, loosely described as Cowboy Beans. Well, Cowboy Beans are more about the feeling than the ingredients. When they lean away from the open range and more towards the urban, they become Boston Baked Beans. But J had on hand a quantity of fresh borlotti - toothsome enough to stand up to the smoke from a buffalo chip fire - and so I adopted an Eastwoodian squint, adjusted my poncho and wrote back...