Rice pudding

My father used to make this.

Ingredients: 600ml creamy milk, or semi-skimmed plus single cream, one heaped tablespoonful of round grain rice (pudding, risotto and paella all work well), the same of mucovado sugar, a good pinch of allspice. Butter.

Rub a casserole dish with butter. I used not to do this but if you don’t want to spend two days cleaning the casserole this is the way to go. Then add the rice, allspice, sugar and milk. Give it a quick stir and place uncovered in a slow oven. It will take up to 2 hours – aim for a pale caramel custardy effect with the rice grains almost gellified.

Some people fight for the skin on top, others avoid it. Serve alone or as here with fresh raspberries. Don’t burn your mouth.

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