Salmon salad tacos

Cook the salmon portion in a pan or under the grill. Once cooked, squeeze over plenty of lime juice and a grind of black pepper. Leave while you make the salad. Put a teaspoonful of oil and vinegar in a largish bowl. Then add the lettuce leaves, endive, spring onions, sliced peppers, coriander/dill leaves, chilli, garlic pepper and salt. Toss them all together.

Southern cornbread, Virginia

I’ve searched in vain for cornbread in my favourite Southern novel, Eudora Welty’s Delta Wedding. The book is stuffed full of good things to drink and eat - cherry bounce and coconut bread, ham and biscuits. Biscuits though are something else entirely and, in any case, at Shellmound the Fairchilds’ bread comes in silver baskets. I doubt that it’s cornbread.