Funky Pretty – cauliflower and aubergine curry

"Need some help?" enquired one of the two charming students sitting opposite us for the 'all you can eat' thali. The hotel on MG road had seen grander days (Winston Churchill once stayed there) but now was a very popular lunch destination serving delicious food. Friendly staff brought us a couple of teaspoons, but I had been to South India before and had no need of these.

Happy Birthday brownies – revisited

This recipe comes from one of my favourite books, Cooking Texas Style by Cindy Wagner and Sandra Marquez. My copy was purchased at the Alamo in 1991. I have been making the brownies ever since. Some years I get confused about cups and ounces and am still not totally sure what a cup of butter is but have done my best to translate the recipe into metric units. I’ve made some changes - halving the sugar...