Bakes! Joy

I woke up this morning, took one look at the standard supermarket sliced brown bread and almost lost my appetite. My 5-year-old granddaughter chimed in:
‘I don’t want that either!’
I decided to make what was a life-saver during lockdown when yeast was nowhere to be seen. Bakes! A Caribbean staple that used to be ‘poor people food’ which, like everything else home-made, has now become ‘artisan’ for no reason other than so few people make them.

I pulled out a bowl, poured in about one pound of self-raising flour, (plus a teaspoonful of baking powder) a tablespoonful of soft butter or margarine, grated a few shavings of coconut cream, crumbled the lot up with my fingers. Put some warm water into a cup, added a little sugar and salt to taste, poured water little by little into the crumbled mixture, stirring it with a fork until it binds. Then kneaded until soft and springy. Cut into roll sizes and put on a warm tray in a hot oven. 

15 mins later, I have about 12 warm and delicious rolls enjoyed by everyone and which will all be gone by today. 

For one person, you just have to halve the ingredients. Even better if you use half whole meal and half white. Unfortunately I only had white flour. But still good!


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