Serendipity sponge pudding

I always wanted to make one of those surprise puddings that cook in one bowl and end up with three layers. With this pudding I seem to have achieved some sort of a version of that, just by making a mistake in the recipe!

I was intending to mix up a classic cake batter and layer it over some raspberries and cream. But I miscalculated the flour and compensated with creamy milk …

Ingredients: 85g/3oz superfine flour (another mistake, sent as a substitute in my delivery), 60g/2oz butter, 40g/1½oz sugar, one egg. Two or three tablespoonfuls of milk, three tablespoonfuls of raspberries and cream.

Method: if the flour isn’t self-raising, add 1tsp baking powder. Cube the butter and place in a bowl with the sugar. Warm in the oven and then beat to a smooth paste. Stir in the egg yolk and a little flour. Whip up the egg white and fold it in, then follow with the remaining flour. Add milk gradually to make a dropping consistency. Place the raspberries and cream at the bottom of a buttered pudding basin. I used the one from step 1. Then pour on the batter. Bake somewhere between 160-180°C for about 40 minutes, having a look from time to time and taking out when firm and smelling of cake. Eat while still warm, hopefully the top will be crunchy, middle spongy, then a custard, followed by pink. A lot of room for further research here.

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