Tuna on rye for Inauguration Day, Virginia

I am on record as declaring that English cheese is best. But I would maintain to my dying day that American sandwiches are the very best. What is a sandwich without lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, french fries and hand made mayonnaise? So here is my fleeting advice for you.Virginia Ingredients: Sliced brown bread (rye or pumpernickel …

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Hot Sauce

I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper. I use it as a base ingredient for many other recipes - yes, with chili but also breakfast, barbecue pork and beans or tortillapatis. Doesn't taste anything like the bottled varieties - just hot sunshine on a plate (corn chip). Everyone has their own personal recipe, cooked or raw, mild or scorchio, but if you need somewhere to start look no further.

Operatic pancakes

In this post I return to pancakes, this time English ones. Traditionally served with lemon and sugar, always good, they are a very adaptable backing for savoury and sweet fillings and can be eaten at any time, all day long. The 70's (Hippy) version would have been stuffed with leeks and baked in a cheese sauce. Here I have made one savoury and one sweet version