Autumn update

Thank you for your continuing interest and support for the blog. I am still posting at least twice a week and would love you to keep on reading and to contribute a recipe, photo, or comment. Pressing the ‘like’ button is very welcome, too.

A few statistics:

Cooking for one has been up and running for 5 months. It is being read in 21 countries. So far, there are 13 wonderful contributors: Judith, Virginia, Mary, Nicholas, Joy, Christine, Tim, John, Melissa, Mike, Aspa, Catharine and William. And over 80 recipes. There are 30 followers, some by email (you know who you are) and the majority through WordPress Readers. These include people in India, The Phillipines, Britain, Europe, Canada and the US. There have been over 2440 page views by 360 people, 160 likes and 62 comments!