A bowl of red – store cupboard chili

In England, 1960s school dinner mince was grey and eaten with boiled potatoes. But at Montemalaga Elementary in Los Angeles it became sloppy Joes, tacos, enchiladas, hamburger and chili. Columbo is often seen eating a bowl of chili at his friend's bar. Despite the LA location, it is Mid-West chili, garnished with Saltine soda crackers. …

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Mrs McCulloch’s baked chicken with sea salt – Mary

42 years ago at our wedding one of my uncles gave a speech, during the course of which, as a resident of Golders Green, he presented my husband with a copy of what must have been one of the early versions of a community recipe book, The Hampstead Cookery Book. There, along with Dame Peggy Ashcroft’s Boo-Loo-Gai and Miss Judi Dench’s Carrot and Orange soup (chilled) was his contribution

Operatic pancakes

In this post I return to pancakes, this time English ones. Traditionally served with lemon and sugar, always good, they are a very adaptable backing for savoury and sweet fillings and can be eaten at any time, all day long. The 70's (Hippy) version would have been stuffed with leeks and baked in a cheese sauce. Here I have made one savoury and one sweet version


Sometimes it's good to have your favourite breakfast! For me this would always include bacon and potatoes and eggs. This recipe is a halfway house between patatas bravas and huevos rancheros. It can be made with or without any of its ingredients but I would miss the cilantro/coriander/धनिया