Christmas salad

Method: Make a simple olive oil and lemon juice salad dressing. Put it into a bowl. Wash, dry and slice the peppers and apple. Leave the tomatoes whole. Slice two or three thick slices from each breast quarter. Add these all to the bowl with most of the parsley and toss. Then garnish with chunks of feta (this is Graceburn, once made in Bermondsey but now in Kent) and more parsley. Serve with a quiche, or with seeded volkornbrot.

A salad of beetroot and Ticklemore, Virginia

Beetroot are sweet and earthy. Once I thought that they were red, but this is not so. They may be pink or creamy, little or big. They absorb flavour and make rich soups and crisp pickles. They are a perfect ingredient in a vegan goulash. But to my way of thinking they are perhaps at their most appealing in a cold weather salad. And to this version, I have added an English goat’s cheese.

Salad with nasturtiums and Alaskan red salmon

That summer of 1965 we disembarked at Haines on my sister's birthday. Father drove us along the 800 miles of partly surfaced highway to Anchorage, with an overnight stop at Tok. Moving home again. But at least together this time. There wasn't a radio in the car, so we just had to imagine 'Girl Don't …

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Harvest Greek salad

At last I have a small crop of cherry tomatoes! These, plus the herbs which always grow in the garden, call for a celebratory salad on this hottest of days. In Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me, by Richard Fariña, the protagonist sets out carrying a jar of feta in his bag. A modern version of the latter is a key ingredient here.

Salmon salad tacos

Cook the salmon portion in a pan or under the grill. Once cooked, squeeze over plenty of lime juice and a grind of black pepper. Leave while you make the salad. Put a teaspoonful of oil and vinegar in a largish bowl. Then add the lettuce leaves, endive, spring onions, sliced peppers, coriander/dill leaves, chilli, garlic pepper and salt. Toss them all together.