Summer Cup

Wine and beer are fine but this is a non alcoholic summer cup, made with equal quantities of blood orange juice, fizzy water, plus slices of blood orange and sprigs of mint. Best poured over crushed ice, frozen berries or perhaps a fruit ice lolly! Very refreshing after an afternoon in the sun.

Focaccia made with pumpkin and red onions

These non-authentic focaccie make a tender-hearted snack ... Ingredients: For the dough: 10oz/285g plain flour, one sachet of dried yeast (7g), 150ml crème fraîche, about 30ml/2Tbsp olive oil, a little salt and some warm water. For the toppings: half a small pumpkin, one yellow pepper, one large red onion, one beefy tomato, balsamic vinegar, 75g/3oz …

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